An invitation from Jane McGonigal to bring your booty to Cruel 2 B Kind
(Friday March 2, 6 - 7:30 PM)

What better way to kick off your ARGFest-o-Con experience than by playing a secret game? In public? With ridiculous weapons? And glittery prizes? You’re invited to Cruel 2 B Kind San Francisco, a big, public game of benevolent assassination, on Friday evening March 2, 6 – 7:30 PM.

It’s free, it’s at sunset, and your host for the game (me!) will be live puppet mastering on the streets as you play. (With secret surprises for anyone who recognizes the PM—and attacks her!)

So come get your ARG on, by savaging complete strangers with kindness like the nice little ninjas you are. All you need for the game is any old cell phone—you can text message or call in your kills. And you can start the game as a solo assassin, or in teams of 2, 3, 4 or more. (Teams join forces as the game goes on, so by the end you’ll be one big, happy, mob.)

Here’s what you need to do BEFORE March 2 (game day) in order to be ready and registered to play!

  1. Sign up to play at While you’re there, download and print the map of the playing area (Market to Howard, 3rd to 5th) so you know where you can attack (and be attacked!)
  2. Read the rules – we’re playing the brand new Booty Variant! – at
  3. Download and print your benevolent assassins’ guide – a handy pocket-sized cheat sheet for the game – at
  4. Remember to bring your booty – an object you are prepared to surrender (forever!) to your killers, if and when you are successfully assassinated