Register! - I need to be sure to order enough food for breakfast for us. I can’t do that until I know how many people are going to attend.

About Cruel 2 B Kind - Please register!
I got an email from Jane suggesting that she may change the location to a location she feels will be better for us, but wherever it is, we can get there from the hotel as well as from within SF.

The Exploratorium - we are going on Sunday. We are going to have a sign up sheet so we can collect money (they only take cash) -EGO is going to manage this, and then EGo has so kindly volunteered to buy the tickets for us in advance and hand them out to people.

Conference Schedule -As mentioned, the best thing about ARGFest is leaving it flexible for the schedule to be finalized. Just in the past two days I have had inquiries from Lonelygirl15 people (the video people) and the Op.Aphid PM, as well as an offer from 42 Entertainment to do a roundtable presentation for us. Woo!

The final schedule should be ready Monday. Here is a sneak peek (after the jump):


8:00 Continental Breakfast at the hotel (included with registration)

8:45 - 9:00 Introduction and start of Conference

Panel I ~ Developing an ARG

Moderator: Sean Stacey

Adrian Hon - ~ Perplex City
Dave Szulborski ~ Urban Hunt; Catching the Wish
labfly ~ Sameeeeeees
Brian Clark ~ Art of the Heist, Who Is Benjamin Stove
Evan Jones ~ ReGenesis
Glenn Rubenstein ~Op Aphid

Panel II ~ Running an ARG ( a few specific issues)

Moderator: Krystyn Wells

Kristen Rutherford - one on one interactions with players
Jackie Kerr - community relations
Sam Lavigne - what people do and keeping them safe
Lonely girl 15?

Panel III ~ The whole picture: Roundtable discussion by 42 Entertainment
- Team Leaders

Lunch break (on your own) Depending on the number of people we may be able to provide coffee, etc for the afternoon sessions.


Two-Focus Panel: Defining ARGs and the Future of ARGs

Moderator - Jonathan Waite

Sean Stacey, Unfiction - The Sphere of Chaotic Fiction
Jane McGonigal
Adrian Hon
Brian Clark
Evan Jones

Keynote Address: Sean Stewart and Elan Lee.